what 1884 had to say

The creative approach meant that when we opened we knew the foundations were in place to inspire diners to keep coming back… my food. But they didn’t do a bad job with the logo! (laughs)
James Allcock
Head Chef
1884 is a luxury restaurant with a ‘gate to plate’ philosophy, it offers locally sourced modern British cuisine.

Being a new business this was a full branding project, so the importance of getting it right could not be overrated. Our team worked closely with the development team at 1884. From the outset our aim was to understand the dining experience Head Chef James Allcock wanted to achieve and how we could create a brand that embodied his philosophy.
Our Creative Director spearheaded the project, focussing the team to generate a brand identity which would give the customer a real feel for the ambience of the restaurant even before they walked through the door. Not only this, it needed to exude the quality that could be expected of the food itself. Tasteful, relaxed, elegant with a blend of the contemporary and the timeless, just as the eatery’s unique location does. Being on the marina, with its rich heritage and stunning architectural beauty, the identity needed to stand out but also give consideration to its surroundings.
Just as the food is lovingly prepared and delivered with elegance, the brand was treated with the same care and demonstrates a refined grace whilst maintaining a bold, ambitious and confident look. More importantly James liked it, phew, no one wants to get on the wrong side of a man with a cleaver.
1884 opened in 2010 and has been awarded many top accolades including ‘The Taste of England’ award. Customers keep coming back, with new ones discovering its joy, and the brand still looks fresh.