A Sales, Marketing Material and Communications
Just for you!
We know what you’re thinking, what do you want from me and what’s the catch, you little monkeys?
Don't worry, just keep reading.

give a little to get a little

Over the past 13 years or so, we’ve worked with plenty of top companies and there’s always a need to make that all important first contact. This is ours. 

In any new relationship, you've got to prove yourself and build trust, and because you don’t know us from Adam this is our way of doing exactly that.

We ask you one quick question…

Could sales, marketing or your bottom line be improved?
If the answer is no, nothing could make us better, than we’ll give you a virtual pat on the back, and leave you to it.

But, if there is the slightest of chances that those things could be improved, then why not let us assess your current communication materials? There's no harm in letting MY… review your past and current activity, it's completely hassle free and you don’t need to commit to anything.

It's like we always say, 'Give a little to get a little'.

An assessment can give you valuable insight, help to make you more persuasive, understood, distinguished or loved even, who knows.

We don’t need to take up your time in a face to face meeting, we just need you to copy and paste a few links pointing us at anything and everything you think could be improved. It’s really that simple, and with enough info we can go away, out of sight and wave our magic wand.

We’ll email you back a few weeks later with what hopefully will be something that gives you valuable insight, into what changes could be made to help you with your continued success.

That’s it, pretty straight forward really.

Interested? Then let’s get started.

Show me what to do next
Still a little unsure?
That’s perfectly fine. Take a closer look below at a typical review process.
Hmm... What will you do exactly?

Well, the more you provide, the more we will have to go on, helping answer important questions like these:

  • Are your paid adverts performing as well as they could?
  • Do your customers really understand the value of your product or service?
  • Is it clear to them how you make their lives easier, better, quicker, more enjoyable, safer?
  • Are your competitors doing all these things better than you and taking your piece of the market?
You’ll notice that none of these questions are directly design related. That’s because we believe that any design changes should only be made to improve your business and your communications.

To get the best from your strategy and help make a place that’s clear and valued in your customers’ minds, we need some initial insight into what you have in place already and what’s ahead.
And if we can prove useful in providing insight, advice, and design direction to help you achieve your goals then surely it’s worth having us around to help you with your continued success.

But we can talk about that later, once we’ve proved ourselves to be exactly that.
Now, let’s make a start.