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We work closely with you to define your office space, gather knowledge of your brand to help inform where we will take the project. We ask questions like; ‘who are you, what do you struggle with, and what are you great at?’, ‘what do you stand for?’, ‘what is you culture like?’ and ‘what’s your vision?’.

Creating a Positive Learning Environment.

 Making simple changes to décor will foster concentration, promote feelings of wellbeing and ultimately, get better academic results.
Bring your school's walls to life with impactful and durable bespoke graphics and displays
Add wow factor!

Bespoke wall art for your school can add the ‘wow factor’ that will get everyone’s attention and raise aspirations, while potentially being more cost effective than getting decorators in regularly and using staff time and resources to maintain displays.

Enhance your reception area, canteen, corridors, staircases, classrooms, doors, external walls and railings with impactful wall art that will last many years.
A recent study carried out by The University of Salford found a very clear and significant link between classroom design and learning performance. More so, it found that school design and layout can positively impact learning performance in pupils by 25%. Therefore, results indicate that a well-designed learning space can indeed positively impact and influence academic performance.
Inspire learning

Our bespoke wall art can help you communicate everything that’s positive about your school to everyone connected to it, creating an inspiring environment in which to work and learn.

We can create areas that communicate values and visions, compliment the curriculum or simply raise a smile from everyone who sees them.
It is evident that parent’s value a school’s academic performance, however, most parents are more interested in life at the school, the space in which their children will be studying, and more importantly what is being done to motivate them internally.

School branding is key in delivering the initial concept and values of your school ethos. This can then be used throughout the school to inspire students, and motivate staff. Creating colourful and interactive learning spaces can indeed help to keep the ethos alive.
Enhancing your Learning Space can be simple and easy. Line your corridors with inspirational messages, shout about your school ethos through printed flooring. Introduce vibrant and visually stimulating imagery throughout your space that supports student learning. There is an opportunity to communicate with your students through engaging graphics. Whether it be on the stairs, windows, walls or floors. The design you adopt could be the missing link in providing students with the motivation they need.
Physiology and psychology research indicates that personalisation of space is an important factor in the formation of an individual’s identity and sense of self-worth. It is argued that intimate and personalised spaces are better for absorbing, memorising and recalling information. When children and young adults
feel ownership of the classroom, it appears the stage is set for cultivating feelings of responsibility. Classrooms that feature the products of students’ intellectual engagements, projects, displays, and construction are also found to promote greater participation and involvement in the learning process.
Creating the right learning environment is crucial to ensure that students engage in the learning process. Well-structured learning environments can both inspire and motivate students to learn. This in turn generates a desire and thirst for knowledge in the student that academic members of staff can then seek to facilitate. The development of effective learning environments in higher education has become increasingly prioritised by higher education institutions. This approach to understanding learning environments in universities appears to reflect an increasingly ‘consumer’ focused student body, and higher education institutions attempt to further quantify the quality of their products. The development of effective learning environments and the adoption of innovative approaches to education can often be limited by the historical approaches that universities have taken to educating students

Use wall art to add wow factor, inspire learning, promote your values and vision and raise a smile

Use bespoke designed wall graphics to help communicate your school’s visions and values, impress visitors, inspire learning and add a wow factor to your school.Our wall graphics include a bespoke design service to ensure you achieve the exact result that you want and communicate the message that’s right for you.Our design process ensures you are 100% happy with the final result and gives you the tools you need to get agreement from all stakeholders.
1. Site visit and design consultation

A consultant will meet you at your school to discuss your requirements. We will show you the materials we can print on and where they can be applied. We will also take photos and measure up the areas you are considering covering so we can provide you with an accurate quote to consider.

We appreciate you may only be doing research at this stage and may not be quite ready to purchase. That’s fine, we fully understand, and are still more than happy to visit to help you make an informed decision.

2. Design proposal and quote

We will send you a quote for the areas discussed and, where appropriate, a written design proposal.

We will apply blank panels to the photos to illustrate the areas we plan to cover to help you explain the proposal to stakeholders in your school.

We are happy to discuss the proposal with you and make adjustments where necessary.

3. Great news, you want to proceed!

We’ll now send you a delivery schedule working back from your ideal installation dates. The process usually takes around 6 weeks, but can be done quicker depending on the exact specification of your project.

4. Onto the fun creative bit…

Our designers will now be fully briefed and will create 3 stunning design options for you. The designs will be superimposed onto the photos we took so that you can view them in context and share with stakeholders.

Some designs will require photography. We offer a high quality photography service or we can work with your photos. These will need to be taken or sent to us before we start on the designs.

The difference between the design options will vary depending on the design brief. Some schools want to see 3 completely different styles, some are quite decided on what they want already and just need to see variations, we can work to your needs.

5. The part where you tell us how great the designs are…

As confident as we are that you will be impressed by the first round of design options you receive, we fully expect to get feedback from you and make some revisions.

We want to ensure you are 100% happy with the final design, so we offer unlimited revisions, which means that you can feedback as much and as often as you like. As a general rule of thumb, designs tend to be around 90% complete at first draft stage, and undergo 2-3 rounds of minor revisions before they are approved for installation.

Once you have received your designs feel free to ask questions and give us your feedback on your preferred design route.

Once we have collated your feedback we will make any necessary design changes required and send back to you. We can do this as many times as you need.

6. And up on the walls they go

Our team of experienced installers will visit your school to install your bespoke graphics. We are used to installing at weekends and holidays without the children around, which is generally preferred by schools, and adds to the wow factor when everyone returns back to school to see their school’s walls have been brought to life!

Photography that shows off your school to its full potential

You know how fantastic your school, and the best way to share that is through professional photographs that capture your pupils, staff and facilities in their best light.

High quality photography for Primary, Secondary, Special and Independent Schools

Good photography plays an essential role in the design of effective school marketing materials. Our DBS cleared photographer will spend a day capturing a day in the life of your school.

The day will typically generate in the region of 300 images with full copyright owned by you. We can plan the day with you and guide you through how to prepare and structure the day to guarantee you get the best from your investment, with minimal disruption to learning.

On a serious note, we are very aware of the sensitivities of photographing children. Our photographer is experienced and skilled in this sector, so rest assured that the photographs taken are the ones you want, and suit your schools needs and circumstances.

Request a site visit and consultation

It’s the best place to start. Talking about your project and requirements will help us suggest the best solution. Getting to the heart of the problem and understanding what you want to achieve means that we can work with you to deliver a perfect result. So don’t be shy, get in touch and we can get the ball rolling.

Once we understand your aims, we have a huddle. We bring together the best players to create your project team; an account handler, a project manager, the print geeks and the design gurus, and a handful of installation operatives. Then we’ll come up with the best solution, or perhaps a couple if you’d like a few options.

It’s often a good idea for us to come and see the space before we commit to the right solution. It might not seem like it’s that important, but walls and windows are sometimes not what they seem. One of our friendly installation team will come and measure the space and inspect the surfaces before reporting back to the project team.

Our studio team come from a strong design and printing background. We’re unique because we understand the production and build processes, which means that we are more effective both with budgets and with concepts. We know what can be achieved as we design it.

Most of the things we create are entirely bespoke, so we’re not strangers to creating the weird and the wonderful. The magic makers in our production team are experienced printers and engineers. They relish a challenge and love it when they have a project to get stuck into.

Our in-house printing facility combined with our cutting edge technology puts us ahead of the game. We can be competitive with our prices because there’s no middle-man and we can have full control of our high quality standards.

Our friendly and experienced installation team are PASMA IPAF and CSCS qualified, providing assurance that Health and Safety requirements are met when working on site. We also appreciate that we are representing you or your clients brand image when we are working on site and therefore act responsibly, respectfully and professionally at all times.

8 reasons why internal branding is good for learning.

Design and layout can positively impact learning performance in pupils by 25%.
Helping pupils to feel ownership of their space can have a big impact on their motivation. The choices you make about classroom layout, colour and furniture can all make a difference and help promote positive feelings about learning.
Pupils may feel indifferent and un-empowered unless they have some ownership over their learning environment – so it’s important to help them to feel that the classroom is their space. Foster a sense of community and collaboration by getting everyone involved in classroom displays.
Use of colour in the classroom environment can affect the whole ambience of the room, promoting energy and inspiration.
97% of people regard their workplace as a symbol of whether or not they are valued by their employer
The physical work space is responsible 24% of job satisfaction
Good office design drastically reduces absenteeism
The interior design effectively communicates to staff, clients and visitors the company's story and brand through an experience

The Ultimate Guide to Branding your Space

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Wall Graphics

Wall graphics offer huge scope for creativity because our product solutions go beyond surface printing alone. From cut vinyl wall stickers, large format custom wallpaper or beautifully routed acrylics, we’ll bring your ideas to life. Our printing, cutting and installation experience means that you can really let your imagination run wild. Our suite of large format printers allows us to print to rigid substrates as well as roll-fed materials. It is these capabilities that allow us to offer a turn-key solution for commercial wall graphics.

And it doesn’t stop there, wall details can be illuminated using LEDs, use a mixture of textures, or create depth using different thicknesses or folded engineering.

Our wall graphics guide below offers a wide range of suggestions to spring-board your creativity. Talk to us about your project ideas and we’ll deliver an impressive, professional result.

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Printed Floor Graphics

There are many products on the market for printed floor graphics, so you’ll be pleased to know we will recommend the best solution for your requirements. We have a vast range of options which often depend on the lifespan and durability needed for your project.

We offer a permanent, second surface printing product that promises to withstand even heavy vehicle traffic. This particular printed flooring is great for long-term interior design projects. Mid-term solutions include a roll-printed, foam backed flooring that is re-laid and reused. There are a wide range of short-term adhesive products for one-off events, or marketing campaigns. These can be applied to a multitude of flooring materials such as carpet, tarmac and tiles. Some of these are heat-applied by a professional, however if you’re feeling confident you can fit it yourself.

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Window Graphics

Decorative window graphics are a great way to add interest to glass. There are hundreds of window film products available and the correct product will depend on the design and purpose. Consider how long your window graphics will need to last and if the design will be seen from both sides.

Our window films can be printed or cut shape to create beautiful effects. We use ultra-drop, printing technology to offer high-resolution graphics, including white ink. Glazing products can provide a level of privacy using a cloudy film, while others are totally clear like glass. Some window graphics can only be seen from one side, and others block out 100% of light.

It is important to note that full room height windows or glass partitions must be DDA compliant, we can advise you on the legal requirements. 

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Wayfinding Signage

Our Wayfinding Signage experience means we can offer a full range of options along with guidance on strategy, design and positioning. For effective wayfinding we follow a policy of ‘Critical Information’ which analyses when and what information is required. It also examines how the information is communicated, such as sentence structure and prioritising relevant information.

We also promote a variety of techniques such as using icons, colour coding and visual continuity to deliver user-friendly wayfinding in a range of locations from business parks to theme parks.

We are happy to discuss our wayfinding processes with you and conduct a full signage audit to evaluate improvement areas or consolidating information to get the most effective results.

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Portable Display

We offer a wide range of portable display solutions, using the very best cost-effective quality products. A portable display unit can be used for a range of activities, from welcoming guests to creating exciting exhibition stands.

Each product outlines the benefits, helping you to decide if the product is right for the job in hand. Our display brochure delivers a wide range of products from cost-effective to premium quality, perfect for one-off use or semi-permanent solutions.

From Banner Stands to Portable Counters, Pop-Ups to Literature Holders, we are certain you will find exactly what you need.

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