The Ultimate Guide to Internal Branding 

What Is Internal branding?

In simple terms…
office branding is the interior design process that aligns company vision, values and image with the appearance of the physical working environment.

How your workplace can tell your unique story

Your business is unique, as are your staff and your customers, all of which make up your one of a kind story. It's our job to help you bring that story out, so everyone who enters your space, not only enjoys it, but is informed, inspired, motivated and alltogether better for the experience. And when they leave, they will take away a feeling that they will associate with you and your business. We work with you to find that perfect take away, and craft it inside your space, using your brand ethos, your vision and goals, mixed in with our design magic and fitting experience.

Now, I know that sound a lot to expect from branding a space, but let's face it, what are the alternatives? White walls with no personality, no communication no thought and lifeless? I think it's safe to say that none of those things align with what makes you, you.

Before we go any further, let's be clear on what your brand is and is NOT!

Your brand is not your logo, or your brochure, or your website, or any one tangible thing you’ve had designed.

Quite simply, your brand is the gut feeling a customer has about you.

That’s it.

It may be an over simplification, but boiled right down, a brand is not what you say to others, it’s what others say about you.
So why should your work place be any different?

Your walls will be the pages where your story will be told. What will they say?

Is this a great place to work for staff?
Are you cutting edge?
Do you care about the community and the world?
Are you industry leaders?

No matter what you want to say and portray, we can work with you to find the right solutions for your space. We know the importance of brand, we live and breath branding, so with us, you'll be in good hands and good company.

Step by step process to internal branding

Broadcasting the right message to your employees & customers

What are you specifically looking to achieve and who are you trying to communicate with?

Unlike domestic interior design, the finished look is very rarely the only desired outcome of a workplace branding project. You need to ask yourself:

Is the design purposed for staff areas?
Does it need to highlight culture and values?
Will the design be client facing and need to showcase the brand’s offering?

You need to define your company values, before you broadcast your message

Company values have the power to impact decision-making, educate and act as a primary recruitment tool that ensures that only the best members join your team. Therefore, it is highly recommended that all companies take time out to refine and state what their values are so that they can be communicated strategically throughout the entire organisation; but how is this done?

While marketing campaigns communicate your values, these can be immediately undermined in the workplace if the office space doesn’t reflect the same as your brand message. Understanding your values and incorporating them in your interior design gives your business an increased level of authenticity; it proves that you put your money where your mouth is.

Figure out what you want to communicate

Like all good stories there needs to be a clear narrative that is easy to follow with chapters, a beginning, a middle and an end. Some businesses choose to use representative imagery of where the business is headed or the impact that their products have on those that use them.

Be you

It is easy in this process to make decisions simply based on trends or personal preference, which is fine, but only if it represents your organisation as its own stand alone entity. During an office branding project it is crucial for you to fully understand not only the story you want to tell but also who is telling it. As a result all decisions made should align to your brand and showcase your unique organisational culture.

Execute with purpose

It is very important that every action you take has a clear purpose and reasoning behind it. Everything from graphics to sofas will come together to form the mouthpiece of the story and as a result carries a significant weight in the implementation of your project. So, be mindful that your actions will have an impact on the overall design’s effectiveness and decisions should be made with a clear objective in mind.

Be consistent

Inconsistency can detrimentally impact the clarity of your narrative and undermine the entire purpose of the branding project. Develop a full and considered strategy that takes into account each and every element before the implementation occurs, which will result in a high class finish.

Ways in which we bring your space to life


The importance of colour can not be underestimated; not only does it brighten things up but allows your brand palette to expand beyond the small formats of brochures and websites into the space you inhabit.

Generating an emotional response

It’s proven that different colours generate varying emotional responses, so bear this in mind when looking at decorating a specific area. The colours in a gym for example would be very different to those in a library.


Imagery is a powerful storytelling device. It can be aspirational and inspirational. Its impact is more immediate than words although it can be enhanced further by good copy.

Use style to back up your substance

There are hundreds of ways to expand imagery with unique visual treatments; simple examples being black and white or mixed combinations of illustrations and photography. Doing something of this nature will make the space more personal and better reflect what your brand stands for.


Getting your messaging right is extremely important, but even when you’ve done this if nobody sees it, it’s basically ineffective.

Be bold, catch the eye and be creative

Words are magnificent and when copy is written well
it is a joy. The problem to overcome in any environment
is to ensure people read it, so think about how to visualise what you are saying. Integrate it with the space to create
a narrative that makes acknowledging it almost impossible. Use typography to make the words stand out, and should the messaging be in a walkway or area with low dwell
time be concise.


Mapping is more than just wayfinding. It is about taking people on a journey, by combining your brand principals, messaging and visual approach with directional indicators.


Telling a story such as company history or highlighting projects, and achievements is a great way to let people know, both internally and for visitors, who you are.

Time for a timeline

A timeline is a really effective way of telling your story.
It allows you to incorporate visual elements along with written content.

As the examples show though, it doesn’t have to be linear, and can be contemporary, fun and interactive.

Brand Integration

Applying strict brand principals is one way to approach interiors and works well in smaller spaces or areas which are the first view for visitors.

Think about your users

Remember who will have to occupy the space day in day out. Try not to create an environment that makes people uncomfortable or overwhelms them.

As much as businesses like corporate messaging, staff often find this less inspiring than something that relates more directly to them. Give them a sense of belonging to the space and it being for their enrichment.

Considering an Interior Branding Project?

Our Ultimate Checklist
1. Develop a clear project goal

2. Appoint a project leader

3. Set a clear design specification

4. Set a budget

5. Set realistic timescales

6. Select your areas, zones and surfaces

7. Get accurate measurements

8. Find inspiration online

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