Wall Graphics

Wall graphics offer huge scope for creativity because our product solutions go beyond surface printing alone. From cut vinyl wall stickers to large format custom wallpaper.

One Wall

One Wall is a fantastic new product which provides a completely durable wall covering in one piece. With the ability to be digitally printed, this wall covering is the perfect step in the right direction to provide a sophisticated look to your environment. It’s textured coated finish gives an impeccable look and feel, giving your graphics the recognition they deserve. One Wall can be used in many indoor environments, from offices to schools and even hotels. One Wall can be printed in a width of 3.2m, this can be applied to a wall in just one piece to give a perfect flush finish. The product also has a B1 fire retardant rating, which complies with general health and safety legislations.


Polycril is a great wall covering solution that is 100% blockout, to hide whatever may lie beneath. Its canvas texture gives it a soft, non-reflective quality for premium feel walls in homes, offices, stores and restaurants, plus many others. This superb product is designed to be fitted as a one-piece wall covering system so there’ll be no need to line up seams every 52cm like standard wallpaper. With a printable width of 3.1 metres, it can cover a standard 2.4m x 4m room with just one sheet. Polycril has a B1 fire retardancy rate and is made from non-PVC materials which means it is 100% recyclable and an ideal environmentally friendly solution.

Digitally printed wallpaper

Digitally printed wallpaper solutions provide an excellent way of enhancing the look of your commercial space. There are a wide range of digital wallpapers and wall coverings and we love working with them all! At MX we have invested a lot of time and energy to source and test a wide variety of high quality wallpapers across a range of textures and finishes.  They look fantastic once printed and provide the durability required to handle the hustle and bustle of today’s busy commercial environments.

Perfect for office spaces, restaurants, museums, schools, and retail environments we can print any design supplied to us or, if you prefer, we can provide design services to create bespoke designs that will look incredible on your walls, the possibilities are endless!

We provide digitally printed wallpaper solutions in two formats – the first is the more traditional commercial wallpaper, we stock a range of finishes with our most popular products being a non-woven backed fine suede texture. We then have the innovative single sheet solutions which provide a striking effect with no joins! We can advise which is the best solution for your project and are happy to attend site surveys to help provide advice on how to achieve the best results.


Traditionally, floor graphics that conform to the contour of their applied surface require heating tools to soften the material. Without professional installation, heating this kind of substrate can be tricky and may result in the graphic losing its shape or worse. But fear not!

A new, printable media called Alumigraphics is here to save the day. This versatile and durable, aluminium foil-based product naturally conforms to smooth or rough surfaces of brick, concrete and asphalt without heat. It’s GRIP™ texture exceeds ASTM slip-resistance standards in both wet and dry conditions. In fact Alumigraphics® GRIP™ was named Product of the Year in the category Media for Digital Inkjet Film at the 2013  SGIA  Expo.

The unique selling point for this award-winning media is that is can be applied without professional installation or heating tools. (We are more than happy to arrange for our expert fitting team to apply your Alumigraphics® if you’d prefer and we would recommend it for large or tiled graphics). It can be cut to shape with plotter-cutters or die-cutters and even scissors, before you apply it using a simple rubber roller or by hand.


FabriGrab™ is an incredible fabric tension system which effectively replaces the need for full wall coverings in vinyl or wallpaper, eliminating any seams or damage to the wall behind. The slim extrusion creates a narrow gap between the wall and fabric to create a smooth fabric finish with vibrant graphics.

The super slimline FabriGrab™ frame attaches neatly to the wall, around windows, doors, sockets and switches. It is available in a range of colours and finishes to match the decor, brand or graphics.

Custom sizes and profile depths:
The low-profile PVC frames can cover entire walls or ceilings or several smaller sections.

Our fabric faces can be printed with your supplied design, a replica of the decor/colour scheme, or our studio team can design your graphic from a brief.  

FabriGrab™ graphics can be replaced and updated when required which allows you to use the panels for marketing messages, brand awareness or sell advertising space.

Assessment and installation:
Our professional consultants can carry out a site survey to ensure the best finish and then install the final product using our experienced and qualified fitters.


Brighten up your workspace or event with Phototex wall covering.
A hassle free alternative to traditional wallpaper,phototex needs no paste and when you are ready to remove simply peels off. Our skilled installers can create seamless backdrops for any occasion.
Phototex is the perfect solution for excellent, unique and personal printable wallpaper to give your event or place of business a stunning interior design or advertisement that is easy to use and easy to replace. Perfect for events, office feature wall or advertising installation, this fabric makes wall and window design simple and makes keeping your look fresh.

You won’t need any messy pastes and you can put Phototex on any non porous flat surface without needing to strip of existing wallpaper or paint. It will go up and then come down again in a few minutes, allowing you a swift change in design without excessive work and loss of time. This makes it an entirely repositional wallpaper; perfect for temporary designs.

This product has been designed with ease of use in mind. The unique, low-tack adhesive allows you to pull back each sheet effortlessly. This lets you simply reapply any wrinkled piece and lets you move your Phototex design from one wall or window to another whenever you need to. Phototex comes away leaving your wall almost completely residue-free, making it the perfect removable wall covering.

Self Adhesive Vinyl

Self Adhesive Vinyl Graphics is a flexible and versatile material and it can be printed and cut into almost any shape and size. It can be used to make eye-catching signs, and logos. It is commonly used to create outdoor and indoor graphics for advertising , but can also be used to decorate walls, windows, and other areas of the office, workplace, hotel foyers, swimming pools entertainment venues, home and vehicle livery. Self adhesive vinyl is strong and durable enough to withstand low and high temperatures and water-resistant and strong enough to withstand general wear and tear.

It is a pressure sensitive adhesive made with vinyl polymers* and a meth acrylic polymer**. The material can be used in a digital printing process to create vibrant designs and images. There are several different types and styles of self adhesive vinyl available apart from printing a design onto the substrate. It is also available in a range of colours including reflective and fluorescent for health and safety signage for example. Frosted which is used on glazing to offer the privacy and metallic such as gold, silver, copper, all in gloss, matt or silk finish to name a few.

Self adhesive vinyl is also flexible so it can be used on curved surfaces , the material is also available with different adhesive backings which allow for permanent , or removable use , including very low tack adhesive which will protect the item it is being applied to from damage when it is removed.

* Vinyl polymers are a group of polymers derived from vinyl monomers from an extended alkane chain made by polymerizing an alkene group into a chain . In popular usage vinyl refers only to polyvinyl chloride know as PVC.
**Poly methacrylic acid PMAA is a polymer made from methacrlic acid it is often available as a strong hard and clear plastic.

Surface Print

We offer both digital printing, Surface Print and direct flatbed printing on a variety of materials. These range across Foamex, wood, glass , leather, MDF, correx to name a few. Materials such as MDF, Foamex and Glass are durable and strong and their long lifespan requires little maintenance.

They’re suitable for a variety of uses and some are weather resistant such as glass and therefore suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

PVC foam sheet (Foamex) is a lightweight material with good mechanical and insulation properties. It has good chemical resistance with low water absorption and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It has low impact strength and due to its range of colours it is often used for signage and displays. It is available as a solid acrylic sheet and is available in four thicknesses 3mm foam PVC, 5mm Foam PVC, 10mm Foam PVC and 19mm Foam PVC. It is also available in white and black finishes.

It is mainly used for signage, sign letters, banners and exhibition display panels and is the preferred choice for professional digital printers due to its fine cell structure and high quality smooth finish. Foamex is easy to cut to shape, allowing designers to create attractive graphic panels for exhibitions and advertising applications. It is a cost effective alternative to plywood, Dibond, MDF and aluminium, and actually looks far more expensive than it is. Foamex is extremely durable and has a life expectancy of 5-7 years. Foamex is a strong, rigid material, and can be hung with screws through drilled holes, double sided Velcro, double sided tape or double sided adhesive pads. Foamex has been classified as a recyclable material as with all types of plastics.

Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) is an engineered wood product made by breaking down hardwood or softwood residuals into wood fibres, often in a defibrator, combining it with wax and a resin binder, and forming panels by applying high temperature and pressure. MDF is generally denser than plywood. Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) benefits from cost savings compared to real wood because MDF boards are man-made from wood fibres, rather than particles. It is very strong and has high moisture resistance, preventing warping.
We can print personal designs onto MDF and then easily cut and machine it into bespoke shapes and sizes. The strong, smooth characteristics of MDF make it an ideal core material for components that require intricate shaping, or surfacing operations.

Short custom runs as well as long production runs.. There are no size limitations except the size of the skin. We can put images on leather panels as well as pre-cut patterned pieces.

The ability to apply graphics to leather provides designers with unlimited opportunities to create their leather pieces with colour images  with our process it is possible to create truly unique custom leather pieces  one piece at a time or do large production runs that can then be made into be that footwear, furniture, book cover, car seat cover, clothing, accessories

Corrugated plastic or corriboard refers to a wide range of extruded twinwall plastic-sheet products produced from high-impact polypropylene resin. Predominantly used in the printing industry for signage. The benefits of Correx are it’s cheap, lightweight, waterproof and also recyclable. We recommend using Correx for short tern signage solutions, or when a high quality product is not necessary. An example of this would be directional signage used at a music festival. The material itself is low cost and provides a good quality of graphic.

Glass printing covers a vast array of applications from decorative to architectural. For many years glass has been screen printed however, more recently, glass printing has embraced the benefits of digital inkjet technology to address the need for single pieces and short runs. Digital printing can be particularly beneficial for glass applications such as imaging on building windows, doors, interior design features, splashbacks and shower screens.

In the commercial and domestic interior design environment, glass can solve a range of creative and functional challenges. For example, printed glass can be used to diffuse unwanted light, offer UV protection and add security while on the decorative side, glass can add colour and brighten up interiors with partitions, room dividers or feature walls. What’s more, the advent of sophisticated window graphic films means it is now possible to use glass as a backdrop for creative digitally printed graphics which can easily be replaced as needs or tastes change.

Cut acrylic

Cut acrylic graphics can add depth to a wall, using light to create wonderful shapes and shadows. Acrylic comes in many thickness, colours, opacities and some even have sparkly glitter in them. We have a wall in our office with many of the samples displayed for you to browse and choose your favourite.

We can print directly to acrylic using our state-of-the-art flat bed printer including white ink. They can also be moulded to shape or cut and polished. Talk to us about your requirements.

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