My story: The very hungry caterpillar with a very big dream!
In the light of The Moon a little egg lay on a leaf dreaming of his own graphic design business.
Then, one Monday morning back in 2003, the warm sun came up and - pop! - out of the egg came a tiny caterpillar, hungry to put his dream into practice.
With the help of another caterpillar, he started to get his teeth into ways to let the world know who he was and how his business might help them.
“Hello !”
He chewed over what the business should be called, and cooked up the name eskimosoup. Two words that fitted together and reflected his creativity.
“Seemed a good idea at the time”
Jobs rolled in, he even built his first website. This, only made him hungry for more!
“Oh, and a bouncing baby caterpillar rolled in too!”
An appetite to offer more saw the little caterpillar dine in with a digital media agency and a marketing company. He was now a bigger caterpillar, but he was still hungry!
“Now he could do more than just design for his clients.”
Enjoying more projects, he ate through key NHS health campaigns, saved employers £1000’s through physiotherapy promotion, and helped recruit 6000 jobs. But he was still hungry.
“Actual lives were saved. There’s not many projects you can say that about!”
He continued to grow, munching video and print divisions. He could now design and provide print for his clients. But he was still hungry.
“In fact everything was growing,  with - one marriage,  one more baby  and even more team members.”
2013 saw a re-brand of part of the company. With the increase of design for the retail sector, Retail Centred was launched. But he was still hungry, feeding on what had inspired him on that leaf in 2003.
“Also, awards were won, but he doesn’t like to brag!”
He ate through one sweet plan, one giant vision, one excited team, one fond farewell to old names, one big hello to a new name, one tasty logo...
2015 full website, one brand launch, one awareness campaign, one piece of chocolate cake, one celebratory glass of bubbly, and one big thank you to all his lovely clients! That night, he might have had a slight headache, but he had a clear vision for the future!
The next day was Monday again, now in 2016. The caterpillar grazed through the past 13 years and all he had learnt.
He was as hungry as ever - but he wasn’t a little caterpillar any more. He was a big, fat caterpillar.
At the end of 2015, he built a cocoon around himself. He stayed inside for two weeks, then he nibbled a hole, pushed his way out and…
he was a beautiful butterfly, now simply called... MY