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Our specialist skills in brand communication, set us apart from everyone else. Our experience goes above and beyond creating works of art to stick on blank walls. Everything we do considers the overall brand impact on your business, its perception, and how it’s represented.
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We take a collaborative approach, making it our business to know as much as possible about your business.  We see any design for you or your workplace as an opportunity to lay the foundations of a working partnership for the future, offering our full design support for years to come.
Guide to Office Branding

8 reasons why internal branding is good for business.

A "sterile" office can reduce productivity by 15%
65% of workers say that they would consciously improve their performance in their workplace were made more comfortable.
1/3 of workers were ashamed to bring clients to their offices
Only 37 % thought their offices were built with people in mind
97% of people regard their workplace as a symbol of whether or not they are valued by their employer
The physical work space is responsible 24% of job satisfaction
Good office design drastically reduces absenteeism
The interior design effectively communicates to staff, clients and visitors the company's story and brand through an experience

Interior Branding that makes a difference

Boost collaboration and integration

Collaboration is important to business success as it merges the unique skill sets of the thinkers and the doers on your team to generate innovation.Therefore, it is critically important that collaborative spaces, either formal or informal, are incorporated in your workplace and are designed to maximum effect.

It is often the reality that there is a natural divide between teams and sections within your business, but by creating hubs or zones within the workplaces will provide places where individuals from all teams can interact to share opinions and ideas that may make the difference to the business.

Add authenticity and credibility

PR and marketing campaigns can strengthen a strategy that communicates a brand’s vision and values, but these can be undermined in the workplace if the office space doesn’t align with the promise of your brand message.

If your brand communicates sustainability, a cutting edge approach or professionalism, but your offices reflect the opposite, what message does this send to your staff and clients?

Increase job satisfaction

Studies have shown that the physical workspace is responsible for 24% of job satisfaction, which is a large proportion of what makes your team happy. A happy team will positively influence productivity and performance, which is essential to a healthy functioning business.

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